Our services operate on a modular basis whereby you select the service you require only to the extent you require it. For example – we can deliver bespoke risk training for your team by helping you to select from a range of 25 plus training modules on different aspect of risk management – these include:

What is forensic?What is ‘Risk’?What is ‘fraud’?Frauds vs ScamsBuilding a good risk framework
What are Controls?Fraud control systemsEvaluating your vulnerability (Risk Assessment)Inherent vs Residual RiskCommon fraud red flags
What do I do if I suspect fraud?ScamsWhat is Social Engineering?Cyber fraudWhat’s the deal with ‘Data’?
Forgeries and fakesFinancial crime – operations vs complianceBenford’s LawBuilding Risk CultureEstablishing a Risk Posture
Identifying your risk taxonomyBuilding your risk profileSetting an appetite for riskTracking and measuring riskRisk reporting
Bowtie analysis    

Don’t see the topic you’re interested – that’s okay, ask us and it may be covered within an existing topic or we can create one for you.

Equally, alongside or instead of training we can help you understand and document any of the above topics in relation to your specific business directly.