Risk is quite simply the chance that an outcome (financial or otherwise) will differ from what you expected or anticipated. Surprisingly, though, a common theme about risk events is that nobody ever seems to have expected them.

All businesses are exposed to risk. Being in business is itself a risk. Good risk management is not about stopping you from being in business or running your business how you want to. It’s about making you aware of the risks you face and helping you design and build an environment that allows you to navigate those risks safely – or at least within the appetite you’re prepared to tolerate.

Being in business is a risk – but risk doesn’t have to stop you being in business. Risk can be managed just like any other part of your business. You’re in business because you’re good at what you do. We can help you understand and manage the risk.

Risk Strata is your primary risk business partner – specialising in effective risk management solutions for small and medium businesses.

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