About Us

The Risk Strata team bring together almost 50 years of experience in risk management, with extensive experience in both law enforcement and private enterprise, including major banks, big four business consultants and market supervisors. Through that experience we have seen too many successful businesses succumb to risks because, whilst their operators were excellent people who were highly skilled in the business, they were so focused on the work that the business was doing that they missed the risks and the warning signs that would have alerted them that their businesses were not in as great a shape as they could have been. This left those businesses exposed and when those risks eventuated, the impacts on those businesses were often catastrophic.

It’s easy, in a small and medium sized business, to think that risk management is too big, or good governance is cumbersome and gets in the way, and if not done correctly this can be true. It’s an easy excuse to say it’s not a cost priority for your organisation at the moment, or it’s something you’ll look at later when economic conditions are better. But the other thing that is cumbersome, costs a lot of money to fix and gets in the way of your business is having risks eventuate and either having to fix them or worse, you end up with no business left at all.

Risk Strata was born from a deep desire to help good small and medium businesses avoid those pitfalls and to thrive, by helping their leaders be more aware of the health of their business and to work with them to build appropriate systems, controls and reports that will help improve their decision making. Our modular approach to outsourced risk management is tailored to remove the excuses and to suit the needs and budget of any organisation so that no organisation should need to remain exposed.

Risk Strata is your primary risk business partner, offering a range of services from training to help you and your team understand risk, to recognise it and learn how to deal with it, to working alongside you to map your risk environment, build strong and effective risk and control frameworks, design effective risk reporting and strengthening risk culture and maturity to return your business to within your risk appetite.